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Prosign Kloud, a digital signage player with player installed. the subscription music is available as well.
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What is Kloud-Signage?

One of Kaser’s Solutions Intended for Digital Signage Application. The solution consists of a Signage Player Device and a WCM (Web Content Management) Server. The Operations of Signage Player Relies on Communications with WCM Server over Internet / Intranet. All “Kloud-Signage” Devices Can be Managed by Using Any Browsers That Comply HTML5 Standard.


Why Kloud-Signage?

Web-browser Management of Devices/Content:


Versatile File Format Support:

Support for a wide variety of media formats, HTML5 widgets, real-tim video, streaming video, PowerPoint and remotely executable (.exe) files


Customization & Engineering Resources:


Cloud-Base Architecture:


Kloud Signage Player Device: (with WebDT Client)

WCM Pro6 Server:





Streamline Operation:

Guaranteed Security:

Remote Management:

High Scalability & Rich Features Set:


Reference Case by Applications:




Taipei Bus Station



MongKok Branch of Hong Kong Post



Amway Malaysia Brand Center



Worldwide Deployment:


Estee Lauder, USA


Kona Grill, USA


Certus Bank,USA


Becker Furniture World, USA


Fahrenheit88 Department Store, Malaysia


McDonald's, Singapore


GAP, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China


Beijing Capital Airport, China


Railroad Stations, Japan



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