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Prosign_WCM ,
The Android digital signage player support the content from WCM server

Prosign_WCM : WCM Pro6

Web Content Management
Minimize Costs, Maximize Communications


Playlist Editor

  • Create new or edit the downloaded playlists
  • Streamline operation
  • One playlist includes multiple scenes
  • Import and export playlists



Media Shuffle Play

  • With the shuffle play function, media files in the zones can be played randomly.
  • Under the shuffle play mode, the media files can be synchronized while played by two (or more) players



Multi-Screen Playlist Design

  • In the Playlist Editor, it supports multi-screen and multi-zone management
  • Support high-definition image and video files playback
  • Multi-screen video file playback with frame-based synchronization



Multi-Screen System Feature

Full-HD supported on each screen; play synchronized video across multiple displays!



Multi-Screen System Feature

Support up to 16 screens with various screen arrangement


Multi-Screen Layout Design (Signage Player Side)

  • Screen Designer software to create a real screen layout
  • One click to import the layout file into MS player
  • Support regular/irregular screen layout


Irregular Multi-Screen Applications




  • Outlook-style UI; drag-and-drop operation
  • Enhanced playlist management with the toolbar
  • Support day/ week/ month/ agenda/ spot list views



Scheduling UI: Day View



Scheduling UI: Week View


Scheduling UI: Month View


Scheduling UI: Agenda View

Based on Day view. Ease to check the empty time slots for inserting new playlists.


Media Library

  • Support various file formats and streaming servers (HTTP, RTSP UDP/TCP). Also support special formats, such as PPT, EXE, real-time data feed
    Import/export files
  • Media file Expiration – to set up the validity period of the files. The user can set up the validity of a file effective from Mon. to Fri., for example
  • Online download widgets, HTML5 widget editor included



HTML5 Widget Editor

  • Download online, quickly create or edit content for playlists
  • Add media, table and support rolling text/RSS for creative content design
  • Connect with TXT, XML, CSV format files and database systems
  • Media Commander widget for the interactive media control



Player Group

  • Assign each player to different group; set default playlist to each group
  • Remotely monitor the status of players – running, idle, power-off or abnormal
  • Take or set automatic refresh snapshot for selected players
  • Mobile phone version



Urgent Cast

  • Create and preload to players
  • Publish to the entire DS network
  • Preset different urgent messages; assign to publish buttons
  • Mobile phone version



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