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How Can PlayIt Ease Your Social and Digital Life?

Kasercorp has finally done the impossible and created a device to make your life as easy as possible. PlayIt is an AI oriented AI device which is linked with the television, and it allows you to control, manage and use your TV with just your voice.

PlayIt can be linked with all your social accounts, and it will automatically play your subscribed or favorite videos, your picture galleries, and other social media content without any unnecessary hassle. You can choose between different viewing modes to select the best aspect ratio for your TV. Let’s take a look at it in detail. 

What Is PlayIt and Why Is It Revolutionary?

PlayIt was developed by the creative developers at Kasercorp. With the modern technological revolution, the need for hands free tech arose faster than ever. This is the motto and demand which drove us to create one of the world’s finest and modern AI controlled device.

PlayIt acts as a TV box, which can be integrated with your television set. It allows the user to control the functionalities of the television with voice controlled commands. You can switch between channels, lower or raise the volume control, or switch between different media modes by just saying a few words.

One of the best things about our device is that it doesn’t need a remote control to understand or receive voice commands. The device will understand voice commands from anywhere in the room. Our device employs a state-of-the-art microphone and an HD camera. Let’s breakdown some of the best features of PlayIt.

Voice Controlled AI System:

Our device PlayIt comes pre-installed with an artificially intelligent virtual assistant by the name of “Kloud.” Kloud only needs your voice from anywhere in the room to obey you.

Even if you can find your remote, the primary device has its own built-in microphone with a wide range. Just say what you want, and Kloud will do as you desire. Change the channels, record your favorite show or peruse through your personal image galleries with just one simple voice command.

Build Lists and Organize Your Favorites:

Haven’t we all wanted to create and gather a list of our favorite channels, songs, media content and pictures, so we can access them easily anytime? Well, Kloud will do that for you.

Just keep on liking your favorite channels or media content, and Kloud will add them to your “Favorites List.” Later on, you can cycle through your custom list and view whatever your heart wants. Our device is also capable of sharing and syncing this list with your family and friends all the way across the country.

Other Perks of PlayIt:

PlayIt was also designed to meet and exceed your professional needs. With the HD camera capabilities, you can hold virtual conference meetings with a crystal clear audio and picture quality. We designed the camera to perfectly capture a 20 * 20 feet area.

If you set up your location, the device will also find all the relevant weather and news articles and display them to keep you up-to-date with your surroundings.


We do not claim to be the biggest giant in the tech industry, but PlayIt speaks for itself and is the hallmark of our excellence and innovation. PlayIt caters to all your virtual and digital needs and then some. Whether you want to video chat with a friend, use voice commands to control the TV’s functionalities and controls, or browse through your linked social accounts, you will never have to get up. Just command it, and PlayIt will obey. Life had never been so easier.

Post by   Sam B

What Ranks PlayIt Among the Top Android TV Box Sets?

With the advancement in the modern technology, every digital and electronic equipment maker is striving to create the best product out there. Hands free equipment and voice controlled electronic devices are the future of tech market. PlayIt by Kasercorp is the future. This Android voice controlled TV box is already making waves in the industry, and offers a lot of enticing services to its clients. Let’s take a look.


Voice Controlled AI System:

Don’t you wish that you never had to get up and leave the comfort of your bed or sofa? Don’t you want to control your television with your voice? We have all yelled at the television at least once in our lives.

PlayIt gives us the option to control the television controls, and browse through our favorite channels with the help of voice activated commands. Just say Up/Down, and Next/Back to raise or lower the volume control or browse through the channels.

“Kloud” is an intuitive and an artificially intelligent assistant which comes pre-installed in all PlayIt boxes. Just press the switch on the top-left corner of the remote controller, and you can switch from the basic Kloud media player to voice control. Say “YouTube Video Search” and Kloud will take you to the YouTube’s home page, where you can easily look up singing kittens or cute babies.

The underlying motive behind this technology is to eliminate the need for buttons or typing. Just say the command, and PlayIt will do the rest.

Built-In Kloud Camera:

Well, not that many TV boxes allow you to take high quality pictures (1280x720 resolution). Kloud camera offers 30 fps video framerate and high quality video capturing and pictures.

This camera will allow you to skype freely with your friends and family without any glitches or blurriness. Furthermore, for professional environments, Kloud camera can capture 20*20 feet conference rooms, and present crystal clear quality to the viewers.

It comes with an amazing and state-of-the-art microphone, which can capture smooth audio quality for the listeners. Together, these utilities offer a unique and excellent video streaming, calling, and conferencing experience.

Build and Watch Your Favorite Lists (Social Media):

Now, most of the boxes allow you to like and collect your favorite channels. However, PlayIt not only enables the clients to collect and view their favorite channels, but it also provides the opportunity to build up social media lists and view videos or pictures from your social media accounts.

You can link your favorite videos and picture galleries from Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube, and view them on your television in HD resolution. You can also sync up these lists for your parents and relatives all the way across the country. You can build channel lists for them, and their device will automatically sync with the list.

Other Bells and Whistles:

You can also set up your location, and PlayIt will show you 5 days’ weather forecast. You can switch between mouse and object models. This makes it quite easier to control the web content on television. There are different playback aspect ratios available. You can choose from standard, full screen or social media mode.

PlayIt will also show your latest feed from your linked social accounts. PlayIt is an all-in-one electronic device for tech lovers, and for those who want to enjoy the modern developments in the industry. If you want to get the best of the modish technological advancements in the field of television viewing, then PlayIt is just perfect for you.

Post by   Sam B
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